• FabLab Overview

    The mission of Laing’s Whole-School STEM Initiative is to help our students and teachers use tools of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to make learning more interesting and engaging, and therefore more effective. We know that STEM tools can be used to enhance every subject in our curriculum, including English, social studies, and fine arts. Giving our students opportunities to use these tools to solve real-world problems also helps them discover new interests and talents that might lead to careers in various STEM professions.

    Located in Room 263, Laing’s FabLab is a small-scale workshop equipped with tools to make almost anything. These tools include

                Ultimaker 3D Printers

                Universal Laser Systems Laser Cutter and Engraver

                ShopBot Computer Controlled Milling Machine



                Shaper Origin

                Arduino and Raspberry Pi Microcontrollers

                zSpace Virtual Reality System


    as well as a variety of electronic components for making things that speak, move, light up, sense, and communicate. For more information, please see these links:

    FabLab Tools & Resources

    FabLab Safety

    Design Brief

  • Abby Origin
    Precision cutting with the Shaper Origin
  • FabLab logo
  • Alexa Cat
    ELA Fear Project: Light-up cat
  • Kayden Memory Box
    Christmas Present from the Laser Cutter!
  • Boosh C17
    Lighting up a C-17