For information about a club you may email the club sponsor.

    Email addresses can be found by using the Directory tab on Moultrie’s homepage.


    Beta Club - 7th grade: Ms. Seignious, Ms. Kuehn, Ms. Ebel


    Beta Club 8th grade - Mr. Callahan, Ms. Lamberson


    Chess - Mr. Nadobny


    Culinary - Ms. Davenport


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - Ms. Squires


    Quest - Ms. Lanfersiek coordinates Quest, additional teachers coach various categories


    Quiz Bowl - Mr. Robke


    Student Government - Ms. Cipolla, Ms. Carswell


    Volleyball - Coach Crowe


    Women in Charge (WIC) - Ms. Currie, Ms. Baker, Ofc. Wilson


    Yearbook - Mr. Hall