• Attendance Policy


    A big emphasis at Pinckney is “time on task.” In order to help your child achieve his or her fullest potential, we need your child to be at school and on time each day so that he/she will not miss crucial instruction and time on task. School officials are accountable for following up on student attendance and tardiness issues. Ongoing truancy issues may result in parents being required to meet with an administrator to develop an attendance contract. Below are important facts about CCSD’s Attendance and Truancy Policy:

    ▪ All absences are classified as either lawful (can be excused or unexcused) or unlawful and all absences, regardless of the classification, must be documented. Lawful excused absences include student illness, serious illness of an immediate family member, death of a family member, religious holidays, and suspension.

    Lawful unexcused absences include absence as a result of an extracurricular activity that’s not approved or requested by the administration, those suspended from the bus and do not report to school, those who go to appointments that are made outside of school hours, and parental notes for student illnesses in excess of ten days that is not substantiated by medical statement.

    Unlawful absences include students who are absent from school without acceptable cause with the knowledge of the parents (example- vacations and accompanying parents on business trips) and those willfully absent without the knowledge of parents. Unlawful absences are ALWAYS unexcused.

    Teachers are not required to allow students to make up work missed during an unexcused absence. 

    ▪ A written excuse is required for all absences in all of the categories mentioned above. There are no exceptions.

    ▪ Ten is the magic number! After 10 absences, a student may be retained in his/her current grade.


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