Angel Oak Elementary School

  • Image of Judith Condon, Principal.
    Judith Condon, Principal


  • Welcome to Angel Oak Elementary School! 


    Angel Oak Elementary is part of the Charleston County School District. CCSD strives to create a dynamic system of challenging educational choices, increase student achievement overall and close achievement gaps in order to prepare all students to compete in a global economy and make a positive contribution to our community and nation. Our goal is for every child to graduate from CCSD with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college and the 21st Century global workforce. 

    We work to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and COLLABORATE as a part of a comprehensive team that includes all students, parents, teachers, staff and community. We work together to ensure each student an education that enables him/her to become a confident, competent, respectful, responsible, creative and critical thinker. We support each other and hold each other accountable. We continue to support differentiated learning, higher order thinking and student engagement through arts integration and other innovative, research-based practices. 

    Please stay informed by visiting our school’s Facebook page and Twitter account for updated information and announcements. Please take advantage of volunteer opportunities and stay tuned for other ways to be involved! 

    We look forward to partnering with you as your child learns and grows at Angel Oak Elementary School!


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