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Two Sisters, Future Nurses, Thanks to Ms. Kizer of NCHS 2/22/2013

Two Sisters, Future Nurses, Thanks to Ms. Kizer of NCHS

Ms. Kizer with studentsTalk to North Charleston High School senior Chelsay Burroughs and her older sister Lauren, and they might tell you about their two very different interests within the field of healthcare, but one thing is for certain—teacher Donna Kizer has been a huge, positive influence on both of them.

Both young women began taking Ms. Kizer’s series of Health Science courses as sophomores. “She is very hands on, she’s interesting, provides good information, and her lectures are not boring,” both sisters agreed. “She cares about us. Ms. Kizer has high expectations, and as a student in her class you know you have to strive to do your best so you don’t let her or yourself down,” they added. Former student Lauren Burroughs

Lauren graduated last year at the top of her class. She’s now a student at Trident Technical College, planning to start the nursing program this fall. She plans to earn her Bachelors degree and although she hopes to see the world, she eventually wants to work in a rural area, helping those in need. While a student of Ms. Kizer’s, Lauren took the extra initiative to find out about the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC) program which provided her with many extra opportunities, including a summer internship at Franklin C. Fetter Family Health Center in downtown Charleston. Lauren got the chance to check vitals, observe, and help with patient charts and paperwork.

Student demonstrates infant CPRChelsay enjoys the more in-depth studies of her Health Science 2 class because she has a newfound interest in heart health and cardio anatomy. She is about to graduate (she’s currently 4th in her class) and plans to initially take the same path as her older sister, pursuing a nursing degree from Trident. She wants to become a traveling RN, and lights up when explaining her aspirations. She must work here in Charleston for a certain period of time before she can qualify for a traveling program, but right now she’s looking forward to starting her internship at Trident Hospital and taking the National Health Science Exam with the rest of her classmates.

Lauren and Chelsay will join their older sister (an engineer) as part of the first generation in their family to attend college. They hope their younger brother, who is now a student at Stall High School, will follow suit. Their mom, who works as a home healthcare provider, certainly has a lot to be proud about!

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