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January 9, 2012

A was for Action at CCSD's 2012 Spelling Bee

On January 19, 37 top spellers in grades 5-8 represented schools from across the district during the Charleston County School District's (CCSD's) 2012 Spelling Bee. Tanner Crunelle, an eighth grade student at School of the Arts, was the evening top speller.

The 18 winners of the district-level competition will compete in the regional "SpellBound! 2012" competition sponsored by the Post & Courier on March 22, 2012. The winner of the regional competition will advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in June.

CCSD's annual Bee exemplifies the importance of two of the district's strategic priorities— Literacy Improvement and Strategic Partnerships.

Literacy Improvement & The 2012 Spelling Bee

Researchers and practitioners continue to link an emphasis on building vocabulary to a student's literacy achievement. When preparing and participating in spelling bees, students increase their vocabulary as they reflect on the meanings, usages, and origins of words.

The bees allow teachers, students, and parents to appreciate the challenges and nuances of the English language, while they also emphasize the importance and value of strong literacy skills.

Partnerships & The 2012 Spelling Bee

Each year, the district's Bee reflects the power of collaboration amongst parents, teachers, community members. New and expanded partnerships allowed this year's Bee to be better than ever.

The Honors College at the College of Charleston led the Literacy Outreach Initiative (LOI), which promotes service learning amongst college students while increasing community literacy. As part of this year’s LOI, 194 Honors College students mentored CCSD students. The LOI also supported CCSD teachers by offering professional-learning workshops and a graduate course in the College of Education.

Judges for the 2012 Bee included

  • Laura Harris with ABC News 4;
  • Dr. Nicola Williams with the College of Charleston; and
  • Andrea DeSantis, Project Manager for LOI at the College of Charleston). 

Additionally, seven participants in this year's LOI assisted spellers during the bee.

Thank you to all of the families, educators, community members, and strategic partners who contributed to this event and who work each day to support literacy efforts in Charleston County!

Please call (843) 937-6582 for more information about this year's Spelling Bee.

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