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School Choice in Charleston County

Each school-aged child in Charleston County is assigned to a neighborhood school based on grade level and home address. In addition, CCSD offers several other dynamic choices, including specialized programs, magnets, and charter schools.

Learn more about the types of choice options within CCSD by exploring the links below, where you will find information about each school, including a link to the individual school website.

Important information about changes to our school choice process and timeline:

The Charleston County School District is launching a brand new online application process for School Choice! The Magnet / Choice Schools online application will open on January 4, 2016. The following calendar includes the dates, deadlines and events related to this annual application process. For additional information, please call the School Choice Office at (843) 402-7804.


Jan. 4 - 22, 2016 Online applications available
Jan. 9, 2016,
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Choice Fair at West Ashley High School
Jan. 25 - Feb. 20, 2016 Lotteries, auditions, testing, writing sample (AMHS), required documents submitted
Feb. 22 - 27, 2016 Notification of acceptance
Feb. 29 - March 11, 2016 Parents confirm acceptance
By Aug. 1, 2016 Residency confirmations must be submitted

For the 2016-2017 school year, CCSD charter schools will manage their own application processes. Please visit our Charter Schools page to learn more.

The schools included in the magnet/ choice options following this timeline include:

Countywide Admissions Criteria Magnet Schools
Buist Academy
Academic Magnet High School
Charleston School of the Arts

Countywide Magnet Schools
Burke High School Advanced Placement Academy
Charleston Progressive Academy
Garrett Academy of Technology
Military Magnet Academy

Constituent Magnet School
Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary

Partial Magnet Schools
Advanced Studies Magnet - West Ashley
C.E. Williams Middle (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)
Haut Gap Middle Advanced Studies Magnet
James B. Edwards Elementary
Jennie Moore Elementary (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)
Laing Middle
Memminger Elementary
Mitchell Math & Science Elementary
North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary
St. Andrew’s School for Math & Science
Sullivan’s Island Elementary
Zucker Middle (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)

Montessori Schools
James Simons Elementary
Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary
Montessori Community School
Murray–LaSaine Elementary


Información importante sobre el cambio de proceso y fechas del Programa Choice/Opciones Educativas

CCSD está lanzando un proceso completamente nuevo para el Programa Choice! Las aplicaciones para las escuelas consideradas Choice y las escuelas magnet estarán disponibles a través de la página web el 4 de Enero del 2016. El siguiente calendario incluye la fecha de comienzo, fecha de entrega y los eventos relacionados a el proceso anual de aplicación. Para información adicional o si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor comuniquese con la Oficina del Programa Choice al (843) 402-7804.


4 - 22 de Enero del 2016 Aplicaciones disponibles a través de la página web
9 de Enero del 2016 
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Feria Choice en la Escuela Secundaria West Ashley
25 de Enero del 2016 - 20 de Febrero del 2016 Loterías, audiciones, exámenes, muestra de escritura (AMHS), entrega de documentos necesario
22 - 27 de Febrero del 2016 Notificación de aceptación
29 de Febrero - 11 de Marzo del 2016 Padres deben confirmar la aceptación
A más tardar el 1ro de Agosto del 2016 Verificación de Residencia debe ser entregada

Para el año escolar 2016-2017, las escuela charter de CCSD, se encargará de su propio proceso de aplicación. Para aprender más sobre las escuelas charter, por favor visite nuestra página "En Español" al final de está página. Luego escoja Programa Choice

Military Families

Additional choice options are available for active duty military families enrolling their children in CCSD schools.

Links for Families Exploring School Choice

  • Access the District's School Look-Up Tool
    This tool allows users to type in a home address and determine the assigned neighborhood schools and magnet options.

  • Registration Information
    Learn what documents and steps are required to register a child for a CCSD school.
  • Voluntary Transfer Information
    One additional option for school choice is to apply for voluntary transfer to another neighborhood school. Families may apply to transfer a student to a non-magnet, non-ESEA school on a space available basis. (No transportation provided.)

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