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From the Superintendent's Desk
Week of November 18, 2011 

Dr. McGinley visits Lincoln Middle-HighThis week's key events included Monday's Board meeting, three Vision 2016 stakeholder engagement meetings, school visits to Lincoln Middle-High and Moultrie Middle, and the national celebration of both American Educator Week and National Philanthropy Week.

I encourage you to visit our Board page, where you can see a video of my report to the Board, a presentation on our Third and Sixth Grade Academies, and more information on our current fiscal condition.  The highlight of the night was Vision 2016 engagement meetingsthe chance to thank our teachers, principals, staff, and parent and community partners for their contributions to CCSD's first-ever "Good" absolute rating on our report card.  As announced last week, we also jumped three growth ratings to "Excellent." I could not be prouder of our students and teachers—and everyone who supports them—and I know that we can build on this progress and do even better.

I have recently said that I'm encouraged by our improvement but not satisfied.  We have a lot to be proud of, but we also have much work to do. Accelerating student achievement was a common theme in our Vision 2016 stakeholder meetings this week.  We and the Board spent a lot of time listening to spirited feedback from student, parent, and community advisory groups.  This Vision 2016 engagement meetingsconversation will continue with next week's Teacher Roundtable group and in January and February—in community meetings— throughout the county.

Have you had a chance to see the Board-proposed achievement goals?  If not, I encourage you to check them out. We're asking three questions at our engagement meetings.  1) Are these the right targets? 2) What will it take to achieve them? 3) If we're going to achieve these goals, name one thing we need to KEEP doing, CONSIDER doing, and STOP doing.  As we create our plan, we want to Vision 2016 engagement meetingshear from everyone.  Stay tuned to our Vision 2016 page, and e-mail us feedback and suggestions to  

American Education Week—which honors public education system's students, teachers, and parents and community members every year—was the perfect timing for this kind of vigorous discussion about what's working and what we'll need to do to build on our progress and achieve bold five-year goals. Thanks to everyone who supports CCSD's students, and have a great weekend!

-Dr. Nancy J. McGinley