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CCSD & The ParentLink Notification System

What is ParentLink and What is Its Relationship to CCSD?

ParentLink is a notification system that CCSD uses to quickly and efficiently communicate with parents, staff, and key partners. CCSD schools and the district use the system to send out phone calls with up-to-minute emergency information, updates, and automated information regarding attendance and meal balances.

What Should I Do If I Am Not Getting Calls or If I Am Getting Calls in Error?


If you are a parent and are not getting calls or if the messages are coming to the wrong number, please contact your school. ParentLink uses data which is maintained by the school in an information management system called PowerSchool. Once the PowerSchool system is correct, ParentLink will pull the correct telephone numbers.

Unwanted Calls

If you are getting calls in error, please contact either the school (if it is mentioned in the messages) or the district at 937-6303 so we can stop the calls and update the incorrect data in our system.

Staff Members

CCSD staff members are asked to

  1. ensure that their school has their correct contact information listed in PowerSchool and
  2. update their contact information- and thereby get district-wide ParentLink calls- by utilizing the Munis Self Service tool.

Contact Us

Please call us at (843) 937-6303 if you have any questions about Vision 2016.