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Supplies & Services Solicitations

Current Solicitations

1608 Furnish and Deliver T-Shirts

QT1606 Baby Diapers & Essentials

QT1605 Convection Steamer for Nutrition Services

Closed But Not Yet Awarded

B1611 Provide and Install Intercom Systems for CCSD

B1607 String Musical Instruments, Storage Systems and Furnishings

QT1604 Kitchen Appliances for Nutrition Services

P1601 CCSD Website Re-Design, Hosting and Content Management System

B1604 Aquatic Management Services

QT1601 Reach-In Refrigerators for Nutrition Services

P1602 Audit of Financial and Procurement Services

B1605 Elevator and Chair Lift Inspections, Repairs, & Maintenance

B1601 Elastomeric Joint Sealants

Disclaimer: Charleston County School District shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from or as a result of the electronic transmission of this document, acknowledgment, or other data hereunder. In the event of receipt of an electronic document that is garbled in transmission or improperly formatted the Procurement Specialist must be notified immediately for issuance of hard copy. Failure to comply with the above could result in being declared non-responsive and may cause your Proposal to not be considered.